Sunday, September 20, 2009

Planning Ahead

After church today, Z headed out of the house to do a little "guy stuff". Since we have a tremendously busy week ahead of us this week, I decided to use the time wisely and do some cooking to help us get through the week (or at least to get us started).

The boys wanted to help, so we put on our aprons and got to work!

First we made a pan of these.

Then some of these.

And a big old pot of chili to go with them.

Why is it that chili never looks very appetizing in a photo? Its gonna be good, though...It is going to cook all day long in the crock pot tomorrow and we'll come home to a kitchen smelling wonderfully spicy. Then all I will have to do to be ready for dinner tomorrow is make some rice (the boys like to eat their chili over rice) and grate some cheese.

And since we were already in the kitchen, I thought we'd make these, too.

I think we're good on snacks for the week. Now I just have to plan out the rest of our evening meals. I know the chili will provide us with a couple of well as some lunches. Maybe some roast in the crock pot another night? We'll see what I come up with. At least I have a good start now.

1 comment:

Heather A. said...

That bright yellow cracks me up!

And it's all about perspective. I'm freezing after a cold shower and out of all of your photos, the chili almost made me drool. Seriously.