Saturday, October 17, 2009


So...I had hoped to have fun pictures of all of us having a good time at the local pumpkin patch and apple orchard this weekend, but instead I am stuck at home with a couple of sickies. Bummer.

Poor Peanut has a confirmed case of H1N1. Yuck. Yesterday he came home from school not feeling very well. Took his temperature and it was 100.3. At that point I suspected he probably had "the virus" that is all over the place. He got some extra hugs and cuddles...some Sprite and pudding for dinner...and got to sleep on a cot in mom and dad's room. At 6:00am I took his temperature and it was 105!!! Yikes! He got some children's Motrin and some cold apple juice in him...and hour later it was down to 102.6. I made some phone calls to my mom and First Nurse...and it was determined I should try to get him to the clinic this morning. When the clinic opened at 8:00am, I talked with the nurse. At first she said there really was no need to bring him in unless he starts having a hard time breathing, becomes really lethargic, or we can't get his fever to come down. Then I mentioned Jellybean's chronic illness and she said "bring him in - leave the other one at home". Poor kiddo.

Peanut and I headed to the clinic an hour later. We sat there for quite a while waiting - and the waiting room was pretty full. All the kids were wearing masks. Poor Peanut was so sad he had to wear a mask. He didn't fight it...but when we sat down, he just hung his head and had big tears streaming down his face.

The doctor wasn't our normal pediatrician, but he was really great. The nurse tested Peanut for the flu (so NOT a fun test - poor Peanut cried and cried and cried when it was over). The test came back positive. And because Jellybean has Sickle Cell disease, we were given special treatment. A round of Tamiflu for both Peanut and Jellybean. Hopefully it will keep Jellybean from getting it...and help Peanut get over it quickly.

Z also seems to have a touch of "something". Probably H1N1. Great.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep myself healthy - at least until everyone else is better.


Brendan and Mary said...

I hope Peanut starts to feel better soon and that no one else gets sick. Take care,


SmileGirl said...

I hope that everyone gets well and stays well. Poor Peanut. I send long distance hugs and love! Miss you guys! xoxo Tanya

Heather A. said...

Oh my, praying most sincerely that peanut doesn't have any complications and that you have a healthy household in no time.