Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day (take 2,272)

Today was declared *another* Snow Day by our public school district. We've had MANY this winter thus far. So many I seem to have lost official count. I used to get a bit worked up about it, but now I've learned to just take it in stride. We make it work. And sometimes, I really just love these impromptu days at home.

On Sunday I mixed up a batch of Whole Wheat Brioche. The boys and I came in from shoveling snow to smell that wonderful rising bread dough smell. I threw the dough in the oven and within minutes we had delicious fresh bread to snack on after our hard work. Divine.

This morning, I made another set of little loaves. For breakfast. Little heart-shaped loaves for the boys and little rectangular loaves for myself and Z. Honestly, there is very little in this world that smells and tastes better than homemade bread fresh out of the oven. Its a simple pleasure - one that I plan to enjoy lots in the coming year (especially since I received 3 copies of this book for Christmas!!)

Yesterday while reading in a friend's blog, I was directed to this post. An amazingly heart-breaking and heart-warming post. Today I've found myself reading the newer posts on this blog...and going back to read older posts as well. I'm feeling inspired. And more than ever, I'm convinced that I spend too much time sweating the small stuff. So instead, I'm going to focus on enjoying the now, celebrating the little breakthroughs, and finding the happy. Go take a read for yourself. Bring kleenex.


AJH said...

There is nothing better than that fresh bread smell! And what better day than a snow day!

The blog you linked is a blog I have been reading for 2-3 years now and that family just ispires me! They are amazing!

Heather A. said...

So I'm wondering if our school super is doing double duty in your school district as well? Even though we homeschool, it still drives me crazy how much school has been cancelled!

But then again, if home baked bread is the result. . . maybe it's not such a bad thing!