Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Picture Post

Watching Peanut watch a movie is sometimes more entertaining than the movie itself. He's such an animated kid!

Last night, I gave the boys haircuts. Peanut has wanted a mohawk since last summer (when Jellybean had one). They were getting to the point where they NEEDED I decided to try my hand at mohawks. Peanut was first, and he wasn't so sure about keeping the new 'do. He's very sensitive to what other kids say...and he thought other kids would laugh at him. But as soon as Jellybean said he wanted one too, then Peanut was ALL IN. Personally I think they look pretty cool...I figure you're only a kid once...and there's only so long they can get away with crazy hair. Why not live it up? Plus its finally Spring...and its time to celebrate with a new look.


Heather A. said...

Love the mohawks! They look so hansome!

Renee said...

They are so beautiful!!!

Love how they rock the hawks!