Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One Man's Junk

A couple of months ago, I rescued a plant out of the compost bin. I work in a building that has a large greenhouse on the top floor, so it isn't exactly an unusual occurrence to find a plant in the compost bin that I decide has some redeeming quality. Then I drag it home, pot it up, and hope for the best.

The plant that I rescued a couple months ago is a Bird of Paradise plant. I LOVE them. It looked pretty ragged when I pulled it out of the compost bin, but I brought it home anyway. I put it in a nice big pot, gave it lots of water, and put it on my front porch. I figured if nothing else, I'd have some extra green through the summer...and if it still wasn't looking great by fall, at least I would have given it a few extra months to thrive.

A couple days ago, I noticed that there were flower buds on the Bird of Paradise. Then they opened.

Not bad for garbage, right??

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Vacation

The boys were so excited to go on a "real vacation" this summer (and quite honestly, so was I)! The hubby had never been to one of my very favorite I decided this was the year he was finally going to see Lake Superior. We didn't have a ton of time available to travel very far this time around, so Lake Superior was a great choice for that reason. It is close (within a day's drive) and the scenery is spectacular. So even though we were relatively close to home, it still felt like we were quite far away.

Oh how I wish I lived near Lake Superior. I could very happily move to this area. There is so much to do outside (lots of State Parks, HUGE national forest areas with lots of hiking and biking)...lots of hiking around the lake...and there are a surprising number of quilt shops in the area! ;o)

Here are some random photos from our trip. We loved it...we ate lots of fish...hiked around along the wet in the COLD lake...did some geocaching...and generally had fun.

Oh, and I should mention that we stayed at a waterpark resort the first two nights in Duluth. The boys LOVED it. I think they would have been perfectly happy if we had not seen anything in Duluth except the inside of our hotel (which included the water park). Don't worry, though. We got them out and about to explore!