Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Photos

Here are a couple random photos from this week. Jellybean finally finished the Lego creation he's been working on. Z and I got him this for his birthday and he is VERY proud that he did it ALL.BY.HIMSELF. Of course, it got broken seconds after I took this picture, but he did really well and put it back together (instead of getting really upset about it). I think he's had to "fix" it several times already just today.

This next one is of a quilt I'm working on for Jellybean's Christmas present. I think I figured that I have 7 quilts to make in the next couple of months for the holidays (and for new babies), so I'm steadily trying to work through them all. This one will be Jellybean's new quilt. It's cool, right? It is all Ghanaian fabric (and I'm happy to report that I still have a pretty substantial stash, even after cutting these big blocks). I am still trying to decide whether or not to add a couple of borders, or leave it as it is. I'm kind of liking the big blocks as it is, but we'll see. Hopefully he likes it, too. (you can click the photo to make it bigger and see it a little better)

And this last one is of the resident "big fat toad" that lives in the herb garden right outside our back door. He comes out onto the patio after warm rains and eats his fill of bugs and worms. But, I think for the most part he just hangs out in my herb garden. The dogs are always confused by him...they sniff him...lick him...and then keep on walking. Silly thing.

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Jill Bantau (Braun) said...

Thank you for sharing your adoption story, Chanda. I very much enjoyed reading such a positive and loving narrative. Your boys are beautiful! I know a young couple nearby who are looking into adoption I think I'll share your blog with them.