Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I've been more than a bit absent from the blog life these past few months. It isn't because we haven't had interesting things happen, or because anything is wrong...we've just been busy and updating the blog has pretty much fallen to the way-side.

The biggest event of the past few months was that Z was away from home for military officer's training for 4 months (August through November). This meant that it was just me and the boys managing things at home. We managed just fine, but life was admittedly busier than normal (and we were all a little more emotional and stressed than normal, too). During those 4 months that Z was away, our town flooded (and we had some water in the basement - though nothing compared to some), I had to deal with plumbing issues two weekends in a row (not flooding related), I got to know the elementary school counselor (the boys had their moments of tough transition to Z's absence - though things were certainly not THAT bad), and Z spent 3 days in the burn unit of a hospital in Virginia because he managed to burn himself in a kitchen grease fire (boy are we blessed that it wasn't worse than it was!!). He's fine, though a little more leery in the kitchen.

We are all very relieved and very happy to have Z back home safe and sound. This holiday season was extra special to all of us after his absence. Even though we were stuck at home because of the weather up north, it was great to have the four of us all together for several days where no one had to go to work or school.

For some reason, I decided this would be a good year to do "Handmade Holidays" and try to give mostly hand-made gifts. I made a quilt for both Peanut and Jellybean...and I made several other crafty (and quilty) gifts for other people on our holiday list (though I can't give specifics since most gifts haven't reached the recipient yet - darn the weather). The decision to give handmade gifts meant that I was extra busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas. In fact, I was sewing the binding on the boy's quilts on Christmas Eve morning. Talk about cutting it close! Thankfully the boys both love their quilts (Peanut's is castle themed, and Jellybean's was made with all Ghanaian fabrics). They've been dragging them downstairs daily to snuggle under.

Our Christmas was a quiet one. We spent the Christmas weekend at home with plans to head up to MN for New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, the weather in MN got a little too treacherous, so we ended up staying at home this weekend, too. We are still having fun, though. There's been lots of game-playing, movie watching, and good food eating going on around here. We miss seeing our families, though...and hope that we can plan something soon!

Here's a few photos from our Christmas!
One of our family traditions for Christmas is that we all get to open one present on Christmas Eve - a new pair of pajama's. These are Z's new jammies...
Jellybean's new Ghanaian fabric quilt.
Peanut's new castle-themed quilt. You can't see the fabric very closely, but it is called "Castle Peeps" and it is really cute.
A rousing game of Jenga on Christmas day...we couldn't believe it hadn't fallen over yet!

Baloo wanted to snuggle with the boys' new quilts, too.


Heather said...

LOVED the update! It's nice to see you (sort of) back in the bloggy world.

The boys quilts look fabulous btw!

Megan said...

Miss you and think of you often!

Renee said...

So BEAUTIFUL! You are amazing...and who are those BIG ole boys??? Wow, have they grown.. they are gorgeous!

Deborah said...

The quilts are so pretty! What a great idea! Have a blessed New Year - your boys are so handsome :)

Niklynne said...

HI! I stumbled upon your blog. I live in the same part of the world as you and we are (seriously) considering adopting from Ghana!

eka go easy said...

Oh My god !!!!!
that's really a dog ? You have a big dog